Best Crystal Bracelets To Wear

Selenite Bracelet

Here are the best crystal bracelets to wear for different intentions. This post goes into detail about manifesting and using them as a tool to get what you want. I go into detail the best to wear for health, attracting love, prosperity, wealth and life purpose.

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How Do Crystal Bracelets Work

Crystals are key to manifesting your desired reality. The energy from crystals can help us manifest our dream job, prosper in our business, forgive someone, process grief, teach us self-love and simply bring us joy.

Crystal energy vibrates at a high frequency. When we wear them our energy field interacts with the healing crystal energy and brings it up higher. 

The energy from crystals is meant to amplify our intentions. Combining crystals with a new personal goal is very powerful and can help manifest it faster. 

Not only are they fun to wear and beautiful, when you wear a crystal bracelet you carry the energy of those crystals with you all day. 

Wear them on your left wrist to attract what you want or on your right wrist to give. Wearing on your right wrist is beneficial when you want to express love, compassion or similar energy to someone. 

Best Crystal Bracelets To Wear For Health

Chakra Bracelets For Health & Wellness

For overall health and wellness I recommend a 7 chakra bracelet. 

What are chakras?

The 7 chakras are energy centers that run through your body starting from the root chakra at the base of your spine all the way up to your crown chakra above the top of your head. The 7 chakras connect your physical and energetic bodies.

The physical body is made up of your skin, bones, organs, fluids, thoughts and beliefs while your etheric body is made of your energy, spirituality, emotions and your connection to the higher realms.

Each chakra is associated with specific energies, body parts and emotional, mental and spiritual issues. 

If you’re dealing with health issues in your physical body chances are the related chakra is imbalanced.

If you’re just feeling off balance and have low energy, you may benefit from wearing a bracelet or mala that has crystals for 7 chakras.  

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Root Chakra

The first is your root chakra (red) located at the base of your spine. It’s associated with trust, grounding, safety and security. The physical areas it affects are the legs, feet, base of spine, tailbone and rectum. 

If you’re experiencing physical discomforts in your legs, feet, spine, tailbone or have problems with your colon or bladder, then your root chakra may be imbalanced. 

Sacral Chakra

The second chakra is orange and located below the belly button. The sacral chakra is your physical center and is associated with sexuality and creativity. 

Physically it affects the lower back, sex organs, hips, pelvis and all the organs in the lower abdomen.

Solar Plexus

The third chakra is the solar plexus and is yellow. It’s located below your sternum and above your belly button and is associated with wisdom and power. 

Physically it affects the stomach, upper intestines, pancreas, gallbladder, liver, adrenals, and mid-back. 

Energetically it affects your personality, self-esteem, self-worth, courage and maturity. 

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the fourth chakra located in the center of your chest. It’s green and is associated with love and healing.

Physically it affects the heart, lungs, ribs, upper back, arms, shoulders, hands, circulatory system, and breathing.

Energetically it’s associated with unconditional love, anger, forgiveness, compassion and grief.

Throat Chakra

The fifth is the throat chakra which is located in your throat and is associated with communication. It’s color is blue.

Physically it affects the throat, thyroid, teeth, gums, mouth and jaw. 

Energetically it affects communication, speaking your truth, and self expression.

Third Eye

The sixth is your third eye chakra which is located at the center of your forehead. It’s color is indigo or violet.

Physically it affects the head, eyes, ears and brain. Energetically it is your intuition, psychic ability and your relationship with your higher self. 

Crown Chakra

The seventh chakra is the crown chakra which is located at the top of your head and is white. 

It’s associated with your spirituality and higher self.

Physically it affects skin, bones and muscle. Energetically it connects you to the divine, empathy, compassion and your spiritual path.

Chakra Bracelet meaning

Best Crystal Bracelets To Wear For Prosperity

Crystals can help you focus on a healthy mindset around money and get you over your fear around not having it. Use crystals to reach your financial goals and make good decisions around money so you can build wealth. 

Wearing these crystals can bring you closer to your financial goals. 

  • Pyrite looks like gold and attracts wealth. It can open you up to new ways of making money.
  • Tiger’s Eye is a crystal of fearless success. It will motivate you to create wealth and keep you focused on your financial goals. 
  • Moss Agate brings good luck by manifesting wealth and prosperity. It improves self-esteem, releases fear and stress that can prevent you from following your dreams. It can be great for new beginnings, like a new job, relationship, moving, or anything you’re starting new.
  • Green Aventurine is the luckiest crystal you can wear. It will align you with your destiny by placing you in the right place at the right time.  Manifest wealth and prosperity by carrying or wearing green aventurine. It’s good for gambling, a first date or when you need luck on your side. 

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Elephant Bracelets For Good Luck

Wear an elephant bracelet to bring you good luck and prosperity. Wearing an elephant charm will invite positive energy into your life. Paired with a prosperity crystal, it will amplify your good luck. 

Best Crystal Bracelets To Wear For Self-Love & Confidence

Self-love is important for a happy life. Without confidence it will be hard to accomplish what you want in your life or to feel fulfilled. 

Putting yourself down, thinking you’re not good enough, obsessing over the way you look, avoiding pictures, and thinking you’re not good enough are all negative thoughts that stop you from living a joyful life.

These are all tied to not being able to accept yourself and love yourself and it’s toxic.

Practice self-love and acceptance and those negative thoughts will lessen. They will be replaced with positive thoughts that can lead to healing your heart and bringing you joy.

Crystals can assist you in cultivating self-love. Add in a daily affirmation and you’ll be on your way to feeling better about yourself. 

  • Rose Quartz – The loving energy of Rose Quartz can heal you from emotional turmoil and anxiety. It will teach you to love yourself, trust in yourself and see your self-worth.
  • Rhodochrosite is specifically good for self-love because it helps with emotional healing and trauma. 
  • Ocean Jasper – If you’ve been dealing with negative thought patterns, Ocean Jasper can help you change that. It helps with positive self-expression, emotional healing and releases negativity so you can enjoy your life. 

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Best Crystal Bracelets To Wear For Life Purpose

If you’re not feeling fulfilled or not sure what to do, these crystals can help push you in the right direction.

  • Angel Aura Quartz will help you discover your life purpose. It represents personal growth and a new path in life. 
  • Labradorite can help you discover your path in life. Labradorite is a magical stone that can raise consciousness and your intuition.
  • Moonstone can help you find purpose. It’s a stone for new beginnings, good luck and transformation.

Wear a buddha bracelet for life purpose

Wearing an Ohm Bracelet can help remove obstacles from your path and affirm your life goals. Ohm or Om is the written word of the sound “aum”. It’s a sacred sound and a spiritual symbol in Hinduism.

The written ohm symbol represents all four states of consciousness. The large lower curve represents the waking state, the upper curve represents the unconscious state, the middle curve represents the dream state and the dot is enlightenment.

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rose quartz sandalwood bracelet

Best Crystal Bracelets To Wear For Love & Relationships

If your life or relationship is lacking in the romance department, these crystals can help spice it up.

  • Wear a Rose quartz bracelet on your left wrist to attract love.
  • Rhodonite is good for marriage or committed relationships. It encourages empathy, compassion and forgiveness. 
  • Wear Sunstone for confidence. As a sacral chakra crystal it can help spice up your sex life and give you the confidence to do it. It can restore joy, optimism and enthusiasm in your life.
  • Carnelian is orange to red in color and connects with your sacral chakra which drives sexuality and creativity. 

Best Crystal Bracelets To Wear For Energy

Feeling a little sluggish these days or want more energy to keep up with your busy life? These crystals are stimulating and energizing. Wear them to give you an energy boost. 

  • Carnelian is a high energy crystal. It’s great to wear while you’re working, because it sharpens your mind and will help you come up with creative solutions. 
  • Selenite will raise your energy, protect you from bad vibes, and cleanse you of dirty EMFs.
  • Garnet is energizing and will bring prosperity and joy to the wearer. It enhances creativity and inspires love and devotion.
  • Clear Quartz can focus your energy and bring clarity to your purpose. It will amplify the energy of the crystals around it, so it’s great to stack with other crystal bracelets. 

How to program a crystal bracelet to get what you want

Here’s how to program your healing crystal jewelry for all sorts of desires such as wealth, love, career, protection, stress relief and more. 

In order to use crystals effectively for manifesting your desires and personal goals you must program your intention into the crystal. 

Programming crystals means that you’re setting an intention, like an affirmation, for that crystal. Using crystals this way helps you stay focused, motivated and excited to create your dream life. 

Step One – What do you want to change?

First identify an area of your life that you want to change and look up the crystal that will help.

Step Two – Cleanse Your Crystal Jewelry

Cleanse your healing crystal jewelry with moonlight, selenite, smoke or sound. I go into detail on how to cleanse crystals in this post here.

Once your crystals are chosen and cleansed then it’s time to program them with your intention.

Step Three – Program Your Crystal Jewelry

Hold the crystal or healing crystal jewelry in your hand and picture light surrounding it.

Think about what you want to use it for and be specific. If you want to attract more clients in your business, then think about what that looks like. 

When you feel ready, say out loud three times, “I program this crystal for [your purpose]”. Then wear it or place it somewhere you can see it frequently. Repeat this affirmation every day.

mini energy crystal bracelets

How to take care of your crystal bracelets

Here’s some simple tips on how to take care of your crystal bracelets. 

Clean with a microfiber cloth. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe off any oils, dust or dirt that may accumulate while you’re wearing it. You can use a damp cloth, but don’t use any soap or cleaning chemicals. 

Keep out of direct sunlight when you’re not wearing it. It’s okay if your crystals get exposed to the sun while you’re wearing them. That’s not enough time to cause them to fade. When you store them, keep them out of direct sunlight. Some crystals, like rose quartz and amethyst, fade when left in the sun too long. 

Avoid wearing your crystal jewelry in chlorinated pools or hot tubs. It can make the crystals appear dull and may break the elastic. 

Avoid wearing them in the shower. The soap can make them dull and may wear away at the elastic. 

When putting them on, try not to overstretch an elastic bracelet. This will keep the elastic in good shape and prevent it from breaking.

To get the most energetic benefits from your crystal jewelry, put them in the moonlight every full moon. This will cleanse them of stuck energy and charge them. 

Learn more about how to cleanse and charge crystals here.

Set an intention for your crystal jewelry to focus their energy on manifesting what you desire in your life. Crystals are great tools for manifesting what you want in your life. Learn how to do that here.

Best Crystal Bracelets To Wear

The best crystal bracelet to wear for you personally will depend on why you’re wearing it. If it’s for fashion and you just enjoy how they look on you, then choose whatever you like. If you want to wear them for better health, to attract love or wealth, then be more intentional on what you choose. Don’t forget to do affirmations with them to attract what you want sooner.

Learn more about crystals and their meanings here.

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