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Our crystal bracelets are handmade with love and vibrate at the highest energy, so you may benefit from their unique properties. Wearing crystals can protect you from negative energy or peoples’ “bad vibes”. They can give you a boost or make you feel at peace. Wear a crystal bracelet to keep the power of crystals with you all day. They’re a tool to help you set an intention and manifest your dreams. They can remind you to stay focused on your goals and attract new opportunities. 

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Crystal Bracelet Reviews

stress relief crystal bracelet set

Immediately upon putting them on I felt a sense of well being and calm come over me. I love them. They are so beautiful as well.

Lisa K. / Verified Buyer
amethyst elephant bracelet

It’s absolutely beautiful! My purchase was very easy and I really loved the hand written note that came with my item. I will wear my bracelet daily. Love it! ❤️

Celine B. / Verified Buyer

I love it! Beautiful color & I’ve been getting plenty of compliments, will definitely shop again!

Tateanna N. / Verified Buyer
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How To Wear A Crystal Bracelet

Which wrist should you wear it on?

If you want to attract something (a new relationship, or an opportunity) wear the bracelet on your left wrist to receive. 

If you want to be the giver or express that energy, wear the bracelet on your right wrist. 

Wear A Crystal Bracelet To Attract Love

Love makes life more purposeful and infuses you with energy. It makes life beautiful and vibrant. If you’re looking for a romantic partner, wear rose quartz on your left wrist to attract love. 

To make your chances of attracting love higher, program your rose quartz bracelet with an affirmation. 

Healing Crystal Affirmation To Attract Love

Program your crystal jewelry to attract love. Hold it in your hand and say out loud three times, “I attract love”.

Wear A Crystal Bracelet To Protect From Negative Energy

Onyx is very effective at drawing off negative energy or shielding you from other peoples’ bad moods. It can help protect you from anxiousness, broodiness, silent treatments, and other negative emotional states. 

Wearing crystal bracelets has many benefits. Not only can you wear them to attract love, success, wealth, etc..they can help fill the world with kindness and compassion for others. 

Learn how to choose a crystal bracelet and all their benefits here.