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How To Choose The Right Crystal Necklace

how to choose the right crystal necklace.

How To Choose The Right Crystal Necklace Wearing a healing crystal necklace is like having a mini crystal healing session with you all day, every day. By having the crystal close to your body, its energy can effortlessly mix with yours and bring physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. It’s like having a gentle, nurturing friend […]

Care Instructions For Elastic Crystal Bracelets

Apatite Crystal Bracelet

Simple Tips To Take Care Of Your Crystal Bracelets We want you to get the most out of your crystal jewelry, so here’s some simple tips on how to take care of it and make the elastic last longer. Here’s how to keep the crystals shining like new and prevent the elastic from snapping. How […]

How To Program Your Healing Crystal Jewelry

Here's how to program your healing crystal jewelry for all sorts of desires such as wealth, love, career, protection, stress and more.

My first piece of healing crystal jewelry was a beaded rose quartz elastic bracelet I got in Sedona. I was on a girls trip with two of my lifelong friends during the hot Summer. Sedona is a magical place and if you love crystals you’ll love browsing the endless crystal stores.  I bought my rose […]

How To Choose a Healing Crystal Bracelet

There are many ways to choose a healing crystal bracelet for yourself or someone else. I’ll explain the easiest ways starting with crystal meaning by color.

My first healing crystal bracelet is one I treasure. My husband and I were walking around town and ended up in a crystal store. This store not only had a variety of gorgeous healing crystals, they had crystal beads to make crystal bracelets and necklaces. The owner is this larger than life man who had […]

Crystal healing jewelry – 6 ways to charge crystals

Proper care of your crystal jewelry will help the crystals maintain the highest vibrational energy possible. This will allow them to function at their best. I like to use a combination of all 6 ways to cleanse and charge healing crystal jewelry depending on how often I wear it and the moon cycle.  The crystals […]