How do crystal healing bracelets work? 

Holding crystals, being near them or wearing them cause them to interact with your body’s energy field, aura and/or chakras. 

Everything is made up of energy. Me, you, the desk I’m sitting at, the coffee I drank this morning, my dog, etc. is made of energy.

Quantum theory states that when you examine the tiniest levels of matter, it’s all vibrating strands of energy surrounded by empty space. Energetic fields hold the vibrating strands into the shapes that make up the matter we see and experience as a solid material, like your desk or your hand. 

Physically we are energy, our bodily functions, our thoughts and our emotions are all made up of energy. We feel when someone has “good vibes” we enjoy being around that person and in turn their good vibes can affect our mood. 

When someone gives us a “bad vibe”, we want to avoid them and get away from that person as soon as possible, right? Or when someone you’re around is in a bad mood, it can affect your own energy and make you feel bad too. 

We are energy and other peoples’ energy affects us all the time, everyday. Some are more sensitive to it than others.

Crystals vibrate at different energetic frequencies depending on their shape, color and what they’re made of. If we wear the crystals or place them near us or on our bodies, their energy can have an impact on our energy field.

How to choose a crystal bracelet

The colors of crystals and their opacity affect their vibration. Color is a result of how your eyes perceive light, which is a vibrational frequency.

Isaac Newton described the spectrum of light that’s visible as an electromagnetic frequency. Color like everything else is another manifestation of energy.

Part of the crystal’s vibrational energy comes from its color, which is associated with our chakras.

There are 7 chakras that run through your body starting from the root chakra at the base of your spine all the way up to your crown chakra above the top of your head. Each chakra is an energy center in your body and is associated with a color.

You can choose a crystal based only on its color to use as a healing crystal for that part of your body.

Instead of trying to remember what every crystal does, you can learn about color to start. This helps simplify choosing healing crystals.

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How to wear a crystal bracelet

Which wrist should you wear your crystal bracelets on?

If you want to attract something, such as love, wealth, or a new opportunity, wear the crystal bracelet on your left wrist (or non-dominant hand) to receive. 

If you want to be the giver, wear the bracelet on your right wrist (or dominant hand). Giving can help you express yourself to loved ones. It can also help spread positive energy wherever you go and in turn help heal the world. Giving spreads the energy and amplifies it.