How To Choose The Right Crystal Necklace

how to choose the right crystal necklace.

How To Choose The Right Crystal Necklace Wearing a healing crystal necklace is like having a mini crystal healing session with you all day, every day. By having the crystal close to your body, its energy can effortlessly mix with yours and bring physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. It’s like having a gentle, nurturing friend […]

6 Best Crystals For Beginners

6 Best Crystals For Beginners: Crystals have been used for centuries to promote healing and self-improvement. The high frequency energy of crystals can help to align and balance your energy field, resulting in a variety of benefits. For example, carrying or wearing a rose quartz crystal can help to promote feelings of love and compassion, […]

The 9 Best Aquarius Crystals

9 best Aquarius crystals

As a crystal enthusiast, I’ve always been interested in the connection between astrology and the energy of different stones. The zodiac is a system that divides the sky into twelve sections, known as astrological signs, each with its own set of characteristics and believed to be influenced by celestial bodies like planets and stars.  Aquarius, […]

The Complete Guide To Shungite

the complete guide to shungite

Shungite is a must have in our modern world. As a stone of detoxification, it cleanses the energy of your body, neutralizes electromagnetic fields, environmental pollutants, toxic emotions and provides psychic protection. If you feel tired, foggy, and drained, the energy from this stone will cleanse you.  Here is your complete guide to shungite, how […]

Crystal Bracelets Meaning: What Are Crystal Bracelets For?

What are crystal bracelets for? What benefit can you get from them and how do you wear them to get that benefit? I go over all of this and more. Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Crystal Bracelets. Use the links below to skip to a section that peaks your interest. Crystal bracelets make […]

Care Instructions For Elastic Crystal Bracelets

Apatite Crystal Bracelet

Simple Tips To Take Care Of Your Crystal Bracelets We want you to get the most out of your crystal jewelry, so here’s some simple tips on how to take care of it and make the elastic last longer. Here’s how to keep the crystals shining like new and prevent the elastic from snapping. How […]

Selenite Crystal Meaning: Benefits, Types & How To Use It

Selenite Bracelet

Selenite is an opaque, whitish crystal that is known for its incredible energy and its ability to charge crystals. It’s great for meditation and spiritual work, because it’s the highest vibrational crystal on the planet. It raises the vibration of everything around it and will cleanse you of bad, dirty energy, like EMF. Here’s an in […]

Best Crystals For Fertility & How To Use Them

Here are the best crystals for fertility and how to use them. This post goes into detail about crystals that are good for your fertility, whether you’re trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, postpartum or for general health. I go into detail about these crystals, how they work, how to use them and program them. […]

Labradorite Meaning: Benefits, Types & How To Use It

Labradorite is a magical stone and the bringer of light. It can raise one’s consciousness, intuition and psychic gifts making it a useful spiritual stone. It also protects against negative energies by creating a shield and it helps banish fear and insecurity. Here’s an in depth on Labradorite meaning: types & how to use it for […]