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Protection Bracelets 🛡

Crystal bracelets can offer protection from other people’s bad vibes, negativity and toxic energy. 

  • Black onyx can offer protection by absorbing and transforming negative energy.
  • Shungite protects from toxic, dirty EMFs that come from your cell phone, laptop and other electronics. 
  • Selenite cleanses your aura of dirty energy, keeping it clear and cleansed. 
  • Black Tourmaline puts a protective shield around your body keeping negativity out. 
  • Hematite acts like a mirror deflecting bad vibes that come from people you come in contact with or people you live with.
  • Amethyst is great for pyschic protection. 
  • Tigers Eye protects from other people’s bad energy and will give you courage to face your fears. 
  • Quartz puts a white light around you, purifying the energy you come in contact with.

Which Wrist Do You Wear For Protection?

For protection wear your bracelets on your right wrist. This puts energy outward, creating a protective shield around you.