Top 7 Crystals For Good Luck & How To Use Them

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Crystals can be a powerful tool for bringing good luck, new opportunities, manifesting wealth and prosperity. I go into detail on the Top 7 Crystals For Good Luck & How To Use Them below.

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Top 7 Crystals For Good Luck 

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a member of the quartz family of crystals. It gets its green color from microscopic fuchsite particles. It’s found in Brazil, India and Russia. 

Green aventurine is known as the stone of good luck. It will align you with your destiny by putting you in the right place at the right time. It will bring you optimism and joy for life. If you’re going through some changes, like starting a new job, school, or relationship, it will give you confidence.

If someone is in a down period, feeling stagnant or sad, green aventurine will help them see the bright side of life’s challenges. 

Manifest wealth and prosperity by carrying or wearing green aventurine. It’s good for gambling, a first date or when you need luck on your side. 

Top 7 Crystals For Good Luck and How To Use Them

Best crystals to use with green aventurine

Green aventurine harmonizes with all crystals from the quartz family. 

It’s good to combine with moldavite, because it can help you move through crazy changes that moldavite throws at you with confidence and humor. 

If you want to be lucky in love, combine green aventurine with either moonstone, morganite, pink or green tourmaline. 


Top 7 Crystals for good luck & How to use them

Citrine is a member of the quartz family. It varies in color from a light, pale yellow to a deep amber orange. Its history goes all the way back to ancient Greece where it was used in jewelry. 

Citrine brings good luck by manifesting our desires into reality. It’s the ultimate manifestation stone. It enhances creativity, mental clarity and personal will.

Unlike green aventurine where you just have to carry it around for good luck, citrine is best when you put intention into it. 

If you want to land your dream job, find a partner, have success in your business, etc. you should program it with a crystal affirmation. This will focus its energy on manifesting what you want. 

If you work in a creative field, citrine will open up your imagination and focus your thoughts to let the creative ideas flow. 

Citrine is also a joyful crystal and will connect to your inner child and playfulness. 

Green Jade 

Green jade is the color of leaves and grass. It’s a strong heart chakra crystal that has nourishing and healing vibes. Jade is the most popular stone in China, because it’s believed to strengthen the body and protect you in the after life. 

Green Jade is lucky because it attracts prosperity and abundance to those that wear it. It helps increase the flow of money and can make you more wealthy. It brings abundance into your life and is good for fertility. 

Place it in your office and It will bring harmony and prosperity to your business. 

It can remove blockages to allow the flow of energy through your body. It’s an energizing stone and will strengthen your life force. 

As a business owner, it’s important to have an abundance of energy for productivity and success. 

Having jade in your space will bring you abundance and prosperity. Wearing jade will energize and nourish you.

Tiger’s Eye 

Top 7 Crystals for good luck & How to use them

Tiger’s Eye is a member of the quartz family of crystals. It has bands of brown and shiny, gold colors that resemble a cat’s eye. 

Wearing Tiger’s Eye will bring you good luck and attract wealth. It gives you courage and confidence to be successful. 

It will relieve fear, anxiety and keep you protected from negative energy. It’s energizing and will help you persevere mentally and physically. This makes it good for focusing on tasks and completing goals.

Wear it on your right wrist, as a pendant, or carry a tumbled stone in your pocket to benefit from its energy.

Gaia Stone

Gaia stone came from the Mount St. Helens volcano eruption in 1980. It was accidentally discovered by workers who were cleaning up and salvaging the equipment that was buried under the ash. When they used a torch, it melted the ash into a glassy, green material that could be used for gemstones, so it’s manmade from the volcanic ash. 

Gaia stone is especially beneficial for women. The goddess energy from the stone helps you go with the flow, eases the fear of failure and offers reassurance. It attracts good luck, increases prosperity and is great for those starting new ventures. 

Gaia Stone brings good luck to those that wear it, connects to the Earth and heart chakra. It is full of goddess energy and can help with emotional healing. 

This stone promotes loving relationships between people, brings harmony to groups of people, and can diffuse anger.


Pyrite brings good luck by being a powerful tool for manifestation. It’s shiny and yellow, like gold. That’s why it’s also called “fools gold”. It was used by the Ancient Incas as mirrors. It’s fairly common and found all over the world. 

This crystal is excellent for manifestation. It helps you take action on your ideas, banishes fear and gives you the confidence to follow through with your goals no matter what gets in your way. It feeds ambition and will give you energy to focus. 

Moss Agate

Moss agate is the stone of health and wealth. It’s transparent and almost translucent with branching markings that look like moss. Its connection to nature is strong which makes it good for grounding. It can be helpful to those suffering from depression by releasing fear and stress in the wearer. 

Moss Agate brings good luck by manifesting wealth and prosperity. It improves self-esteem, releases fear and stress that can prevent you from following your dreams. It can be great for new beginnings, like a new job, relationship, moving, or anything you’re starting new.

How do crystals work?

Crystals are key to manifesting your desired reality. The energy from crystals can help us manifest our dream job, prosper in our business, forgive someone, process grief, teach us self-love and endless other desires. 

Crystal energy vibrates at a high frequency. When we wear them our energy field interacts with the healing crystal energy and brings it up higher. 

The energy from crystals is meant to amplify our intentions. Combining crystals with a new personal goal is very powerful and can help manifest it faster.

How to use crystals for good luck

To harness the power of crystals you don’t need to do much at all. Usually wearing them or having them in your space is enough. 

  • Wear them on your wrist, as necklace, earrings, ring, or other jewelry. Wearing them allows you to benefit from the crystal energy all day, increasing your chances of good luck. 
  • Carry them in a pocket, bra or purse. Basically this is like wearing them because you have them with you all day. Most people I know carry the small tumbled stones in their clothing like this.
  • Put them in a crystal grid. This is a little more advanced and you need several crystals to do this, but you can arrange your crystals in a geometric pattern in order to focus their energy on what you want. 
  • Place them in the southeast corner of your house or a room for prosperity. This comes from the tradition of feng shui. I learned where to place crystals thanks to Karen Frazier’s book, “The Crystal Alchemist.”
Set of crystal bracelets that can bring good luck.
Picture Jasper, Green Aventurine, Lava Rock Bracelet Set

How To Program Your Crystals For Good Luck

In order to use crystals effectively for manifesting your desires and personal goals you must program your intention into the crystal. 

Programming crystals means that you’re setting an intention, like an affirmation, for that crystal. Using crystals this way helps you stay focused, motivated and excited to create your dream life. 

Step One – What do you want to change?

First identify an area of your life that you want to change and look up the crystal that will help. I go into detail on how to choose crystals here and I explain some common ones later in this post.

Step Two – Cleanse Them

Cleanse your crystals with moonlight, selenite, smoke or sound. I go into detail on how to cleanse crystals in this post here.

Once your crystals are chosen and cleansed then it’s time to program them with your intention.

Step Three – Program Them

Hold the crystal or crystal jewelry in your hand and picture light surrounding.

Think about what you want to use it for and be specific. If you want to attract more clients in your business, then think about what that looks like. 

When you feel ready, say out loud three times, “I program this crystal for good luck (or other desire)”. Then wear it or place it somewhere you can see it frequently. Repeat this affirmation every day.

If you’d like to learn more about programming crystals, read my post How To Program Your Healing Crystal Jewelry.

This just scratches the surface of the top crystals for good luck. There are many more out there that can help you manifest your dreams and live the life you want.

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