Crystal healing jewelry – 6 ways to charge crystals

Proper care of your crystal jewelry will help the crystals maintain the highest vibrational energy possible. This will allow them to function at their best. I like to use a combination of all 6 ways to cleanse and charge healing crystal jewelry depending on how often I wear it and the moon cycle. 

The crystals in your chakra jewelry have a pure vibration. As you wear them or as they travel from place to place before you own them, the energy they’re exposed to affects the vibration of the crystals. So you need to cleanse them of the energies they picked up before you wear them. 

You should cleanse them often for the highest vibration. I don’t mean dusting them or washing them with soap and water. I mean cleansing their energy with smoke, moonlight, sunlight or sound so they can vibrate at their highest level.

Cleanse your chakra bracelet when you first receive it and then cleanse it weekly or less often depending on how often you wear it. 

6 ways to cleanse & charge your crystal healing jewelry 

There are many methods to cleanse your crystal jewelry so it works best.

Proper care of your crystal healing jewelry will make it works its best for you. Here's 6 ways to cleanse & charge your crystal healing jewelry.


Smoke is an effective crystal cleanser and is super easy to do. There are many herbs and woods that produce cleansing smoke like palo santo, white sage, lavender, cedar and frankincense. 

Smoke your crystal healing jewelry by lighting your herbs or wood on fire, letting it burn a little until it begins to smolder and then blowing it out. Hold the crystal bracelet over the smoke or lay it down and direct the smoke to the crystal bracelet with a feather for at least 30 seconds.

I like to say an affirmation three times when I smudge my crystal bracelets. 

“I cleanse this crystal bracelet of stuck energies so that it may vibrate at its highest level.”


During a full moon bath you crystal jewelry in the moonlight to charge it. This is a good way of cleansing and charging all your crystals and crystal jewelry at once. 


During the day leave crystal jewelry in the sunlight for four hours to burn off stuck energy. 


Gather the crystals or crystal healing jewelry you want to cleanse in one location and sit as close as you can to your crystals using a singing bowl, tuning fork, or chimes. You can also play the sound of Tibetan singing bowls, binaural beats or OM mantra from your phone. 


Selenite itself is a cleansing crystal and can cleanse your crystal jewelry. Set your crystal jewelry on a piece of selenite for four hours to raise its vibration. 


If you practice hands-on healing energy like reiki you can use this energy to cleanse your crystal jewelry. Hold them in your hand and direct the energy to flow through your hands and into your crystals. Do this for 2-3 minutes. 

How often should you cleanse your crystal healing jewelry?

When you first receive it

As soon as you get your crystal jewelry in hand, cleanse it. It’s been traveling from place to place or hand to hand and picks up energy along the way. Cleanse and charge it to remove stuck energy and clear it of outside energy so it can vibrate at its highest level. 


Charge or cleanse your healing crystal jewelry with heavy use. If you wear it everyday or meditate with it daily then it’s recommended to do a quick cleanse and charge. 

After you’re done wearing it for the day, set it on a selenite charging plate and it’ll be charged and ready for you the next day. Or smudge it in the morning or the evening to clear it so it’s ready to wear. 


With less use, cleanse and charge your crystal healing jewelry weekly. Pick a day of the week that works best and can keep you consistent. I like to do this on Sundays when I’m planning my week. I would give it a good cleanse and charge with sound, smoke or sunlight.


Charge your crystal jewelry in the light of a full moon on a monthly basis. The moonbeams will give it new energy and renew your crystal so it can work its best for you. I charge all my crystals and crystal jewelry in the moonlight each month.

I like to use a combination of all 6 ways to cleanse and charge healing crystal jewelry depending on how often I wear it and the moon cycle.

Charging and cleansing in different ways throughout the month has many benefits. Some ways take up less time while charging it by the moonlight, sun or a selenite plate may take longer. They all work to keep your crystal healing jewelry working the best it possibly can for you.

How do you charge and cleanse your crystal healing jewelry? Let us know in the comments below.

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