Hi, I’m Danielle and I started The Crystal Elephant, because crystals have impacted my life in many ways and I want to share that with you. They’ve helped me get through tough times, they’ve given me a sense of peace when I felt anxious, they’ve helped me focus on my passions, and they’ve allowed me to connect with friends and family (I share and give away as many crystals as I collect).

In the aftermath of a devastating loss, I found comfort and healing through crystals. One day my husband and I were walking around town and discovered a crystal store. The store was filled with beautiful specimens of quartz, amethyst, citrine, onyx and many more. They had a selection of crystal bracelets, malas and beads for making bracelets. We made each other a bracelet and were hooked on crystals and crystal jewelry since. 

The elephant represents power, strength, wisdom, luck, intelligence and determination. 

All our crystal jewelry is handmade using genuine stones and crystals from artists around the world. Use them in your meditation practice, wear them to help in healing and to manifest your power. We hope that our crystal jewelry will help you manifest your dreams and find balance in your life.

To your health and happiness!