Best Crystals For Fertility & How To Use Them

Here are the best crystals for fertility and how to use them. This post goes into detail about crystals that are good for your fertility, whether you’re trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, postpartum or for general health. I go into detail about these crystals, how they work, how to use them and program them.

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How do crystals help?

People have been experiencing the energy of crystals for forever. Crystals and stones are mentioned all over the world and have been used as talismans for thousands of years.

Sailors carried aquamarine, because they thought it would protect them at sea and prevent seasickness. 

Roman warriors wore Tigers Eye rings for strength and protection when going into battle and ancient Chinese believed it brought good fortune to the wearer. 

There are many examples of crystals being used by humans.

We use silicon chips to provide memory in computers, quartz crystals are used in watches to accurately keep time. 

We use crystals in energy work and our spiritual practices. The energy from crystals affects our body. It can bring it up to its level. Each kind of crystal has unique properties that can help us achieve our goals.

Crystals are key to manifesting your desired reality. The energy from crystals can help us manifest our dream job, prosper in our business, forgive someone, process grief, teach us self-love and simply bring us joy.

Crystal energy vibrates at a high frequency. When we wear them our energy field interacts with the healing crystal energy and brings it up higher. 

The energy from crystals is meant to amplify our intentions. Combining crystals with a new personal goal is very powerful and can help manifest it faster. 

Not only are they fun to wear and beautiful, when you wear crystals you carry their energy with you all day. 

Crystals can’t do the work alone. You have to put in the work too, so they’ll remind you to focus on your goal and stay in a positive mindset.

How can crystals help with fertility? There are a variety of crystals that can help with overall fertility health, conceiving, pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. These are the best crystals for fertility.

Best Crystals For Fertility

moonstone for fertility
Rainbow Moonstone

Moonstone For Fertility

Moonstone is a white milky crystal with flashes of color. Ancient Hindus thought it contained trapped moonbeams and therefore named it moonstone. It connects to the energy of the moon and feminine energy.

Moonstone can help stabilize a woman’s moon cycle. It can help you surrender to the natural cycles of life and release the frustration that may come when things don’t happen when you want them to.

It’s a stone for new beginnings, good luck and can calm your emotions. Moonstone is great to wear for all stages of motherhood, because it supports conception, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

Rhodonite For Fertility

Rhodonite reminds you to be kind to yourself when you’re trying to conceive and throughout your pregnancy journey. It calms the heart, releasing feelings of fear and worry. It’s also beneficial for postpartum depression.

Rhodonite is pink with black veins running through it. It can help with stress and anxiety by nurturing the heart chakra. 

Rhodonite is a stone of self-worth and has the potential to uncover your hidden talents so you may share them with the world and live a fulfilling life. 

It also encourages you to be compassionate and empathetic, so if you get into a fight with a loved one it will help you forgive them. It will help you approach the situation with calmness, love and understanding. 

Rose Quartz For Fertility

During pregnancy rose quartz will remind you to love and support yourself throughout the day no matter how you feel. It can help you bond with your unborn child and it’s helpful for postpartum depression.

Trying to conceive can be a stressful time. Finding out you’re pregnant can be overwhelming and pregnancy itself has its own emotional and physical challenges.

Rose Quartz will surround you with the strong vibrations of love, calm your heart and release feelings of fear and worry.

When you’re pregnant it can strengthen your bond with your unborn child and it can remind you to support yourself no matter how you feel that day. 

Amethyst For Fertility

During pregnancy and while giving birth amethyst will emit a calming energy that will sooth your mind and body.

It’s effective at reducing stress and putting you in a tranquil state. It blocks geopathic stress and can bring deep peace of mind, body and spirit to put you in a state of relaxation. It helps you tune out noise from the outside world so you can experience inner calm. 

Wearing amethyst will shield you from the negative energy of others by keeping a high vibrational energy around you like a shield.

If you have trouble sleeping, place amethyst under your pillow, near your bed or wear a bracelet while you sleep to help with insomnia.

Black Tourmaline For Fertility

Black Tourmaline is a very powerful protective crystal. It acts as an energetic protective shield around your body that will block psychic attack and negative energies. It will ground you so you feel secure and calm.

During pregnancy and while giving birth, it can protect your energy from fear or chaos.

You can wear black tourmaline as a necklace or bracelet or carry one with you. Place one at your front door to keep bad vibes out and keep one in the delivery room.

black tourmaline for fertility
Black Tourmaline

Selenite For Fertility

Selenite is a high vibrational crystal.  It will raise your energy, protect you from bad vibes, and cleanse you of dirty EMFs. 

Use it to clear and cleanse your space and create a calm environment for your birth. Use it anytime during pregnancy to cleanse your energy. 

Carnelian For Fertility

Stimulates fertility by helping you release energetic blocks that are preventing you from getting pregnant or having a successful pregnancy. 

It’s a good crystal for someone who has suffered from miscarriage.

Carnelian is orange to red in color and connects with your sacral chakra which drives sexuality and creativity. 

It will give you confidence to ask for what you want and communicate what you like in the bedroom. It’s stimulating, will give you energy, vitality and activate your life force. 

Wear or carry it with you during the day when you want the energy boost.  Take it out of the bedroom when you’re trying to sleep. 

Smoky Quartz For Fertility

Smoky quartz is a variety of quartz that can be a light tan to dark chocolate brown. It’s very effective at grounding negative energy by transmuting it into the Earth. 

This is a good one to keep in your birthing room and in your house. It can offer protection from negative energy and if you’ve suffered a pregnancy loss or miscarriage it can help you release your grief and not blame yourself. 

How do crystals work?

Crystals can do so much. They can protect us from negative or low vibe energies, ground us into reality, help us feel loved and give love, open our hearts, stimulate our chakras, release energetic blockages and more. 

The energy from crystals can help us manifest our dream job, prosper in our business, forgive someone, process grief, teach us self-love and endless other desires. 

Crystal energy vibrates at a high frequency. When we wear them our energy field interacts with the healing crystal energy and brings it up higher. 

The energy from crystals is meant to amplify our intentions. Combining crystals with a new personal goal is very powerful and can help manifest it faster.

How To Use Crystals For Fertility

To harness the power of crystals you don’t need to do much at all. Usually wearing them or having them in your space is enough. 

  • Wear them on your wrist, as a necklace, earrings, ring, or other jewelry. Wearing them allows you to benefit from the crystal energy all day. Find fertility jewelry here.
  • Carry them in a pocket, bra or purse. Basically this is like wearing them because you have them with you all day. Most people I know carry the small tumbled stones in their clothing like this.
  • Put them in a crystal grid. This is a little more advanced and you need several crystals to do this, but you can arrange your crystals in a geometric pattern in order to focus their energy on what you want. 
  • Place them in the center of a room for health and fertility. This comes from the tradition of feng shui.
Couples Fertility Bracelets
Fertility Bracelets

How To Program Your Healing Crystals

In order to use crystals effectively for manifesting your desires and personal goals you must program your intention into the crystal. 

Programming crystals means that you’re setting an intention, like an affirmation, for that crystal. Using crystals this way helps you stay focused, motivated and excited to create your dream life. 

Step One – What are you using it for?

First identify how you want it to help. Choose one based on the descriptions of the fertility crystals I mentioned earlier. 

Step Two – Cleanse Your Fertility Crystals

Cleanse your healing crystals with moonlight, selenite, smoke or sound. I go into detail on how to cleanse crystals in this post here.

Once your crystals are chosen and cleansed then it’s time to program them with your intention.

Step Three – Program Your Fertility Crystals

Hold the crystal or healing crystal jewelry in your hand and picture light surrounding it.

Think about what you want to use it for and be specific. If you want to get pregnant, then visualize yourself glowing with a baby bump. 

When you feel ready, say out loud three times, “I program this crystal for fertility(or other desire)”. Then wear it or place it somewhere you can see it frequently. Repeat this affirmation every day.

Fertility crystals can act as a tool to put your mind in the right place. Their energy can keep you in a positive mindset, stay grounded and protect you from negative thoughts. Wear them, carry them on you and place them in your space to benefit from the energy.

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