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Fertility Bracelets for all stages of motherhood. For trying to conceive, during pregnancy, giving birth, breastfeeding and postpartum. The crystals in a fertility bracelet can help along the way. These make great fertility gifts for friends. Let them know you’re thinking about them and are there to support them throughout their journey. Each bracelet comes with a jewelry gift bag and crystal meaning card. 



Fertility Bracelet Reviews

fertility bracelet with moonstone, rose quartz and sandalwood.

Beautiful bracelet! Came packaged super cute and the quality of the bracelet itself is stunning! Will be purchasing more jewelry in the future!

Sara P. / Verified Buyer
fertility bracelet with moonstone, rose quartz and sandalwood.
Love my bracelet

The bracelet is beautiful I got it for fertility im hoping to have myself a baby soon I wanna start a family with my husband💜

Nikiah / Verified Buyer
fertility bracelet with moonstone, rose quartz and sandalwood.

Absolutely gorgeous! I received the item very quick, and it is stunning! Purchased for a friend who is trying to conceive, so fingers crossed!!

Kelly C. / Verified Buyer
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Best Crystals For Fertility


Moonstone For Fertility – Is associated with the divine feminine and will connect you with your destiny to be a mother. It’s believed to be a stone of fertility. It unlocks the energy of the moon bringing balance to moon cycles.

Rhodonite For Fertility – Reminds you to be kind to yourself when you’re trying to conceive and throughout your pregnancy journey. It calms the heart, releasing feelings of fear and worry. It’s also beneficial for postpartum depression.

Rose Quartz For Fertility– During pregnancy rose quartz will remind you to love and support yourself throughout the day no matter how you feel. It can also help you bond with your unborn child. It’s also helpful for postpartum depression.

Amethyst For Fertility – During pregnancy and while giving birth amethyst will emit a calming energy that will sooth your mind and body.

Black Tourmaline For Fertility – Can protect your energy from fear or chaos during pregnancy and while giving birth.

Selenite For Fertility – Will clear and cleanse your space and create a calm environment for your birth. Use it anytime during pregnancy to cleanse your energy too. 

Carnelian For Fertility – Stimulates fertility by helping you release energetic blocks that are preventing you from getting pregnant or having a successful pregnancy. Good crystal for someone who has suffered from miscarriage.

Smoky Quartz For Fertility – Can offer protection from negative energy and if you’ve suffered a pregnancy loss or miscarriage it can help you release your grief allow you to move forward and not blame yourself. 

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