August 23 – September 22

This is our collection of crystal bracelets that are best for your Virgo energy. Read below to find out how crystals can benefit you.

Virgo Crystal Bracelets 

August 23 – September 22

Our collection of Virgo Crystal Bracelets are perfect for wearing alone or stacking with your favorites. Each is meant to benefit Virgo energy.

Virgos are analytical overthinking perfectionists and they work extremely hard. This makes them great listeners, quick thinkers and they give great advice. They love to analyze everything, which can drive them a bit crazy and make them too critical.

Virgos benefit from relaxing that busy mind of theirs and channeling it into a project. Virgos are an Earth sign, so they tend to like doing outdoor activities and chilling in nature.

Crystals For Virgos

Fluorite For Virgos

Fluorite will stop a Virgo’s racing and anxious thoughts. It allows you to follow your dreams to make your wishes come true and protects from negative energy.

Moss Agate For Virgos

Moss Agate connects you to nature, making it good for stress management. It will help you relax and balance your energy.


Crystal Bracelets

Good Luck Elephant Bracelet


Amethyst For Virgos

Amethyst calms an overactive mind, protects you from negative thoughts, enhances intuition and heals past trauma.

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Red Jasper For Virgos

Jasper connects you to the nurturing energy of Mother Earth. This energy can help in times of stress and uncertainty by absorbing negative energy. It aligns the chakras bringing more stability and balance to your body and mind. 


Amazonite For Virgos

The energy of Amazonite connects to your heart chakra bringing joy, love and optimism. It’s very soothing, calming, alleviating anxiety and fear.

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