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Wearing an Amethyst Bracelet has many benefits. It’s an extremely powerful and protective stone, reduces stress, commonly used during meditation, energy work, sleep and more. 

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Crystal Bracelet Reviews

stress relief crystal bracelet set

Immediately upon putting them on I felt a sense of well being and calm come over me. I love them. They are so beautiful as well.

Lisa K. / Verified Buyer
amethyst elephant bracelet

It’s absolutely beautiful! My purchase was very easy and I really loved the hand written note that came with my item. I will wear my bracelet daily. Love it! ❤️

Celine B. / Verified Buyer

I love it! Beautiful color & I’ve been getting plenty of compliments, will definitely shop again!

Tateanna N. / Verified Buyer
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How To Wear An Amethyst Bracelet

Wearing healing crystal jewelry like amethyst has many benefits. Wearing an amethyst crystal bracelet causes it to interact with your body’s energy field, aura and/or chakras all day long.

Crystals vibrate at different energetic frequencies depending on their shape, color and what they’re made of. If we wear the crystals or place them near us or on our bodies they’re energy can have an impact on our energy field.

Wear an amethyst crystal bracelet when you’re out running errands for protection from unwanted energy.

Hold an amethyst mala during meditation to keep your mind from wandering and to connect to your intuition. 

Wear Amethyst For Protection

Wearing amethyst will shield you from negative energy of others by keeping a high vibrational energy around you like a shield.

When you’re feeling tired, emotional, doubtful, mentally strained, or physically tired, it can leave you vulnerable to psychic attack. Wearing amethyst will reduce this risk.

Wear Amethyst To Connect To Your Intuition

Amethyst is known as the stone of spirituality and is commonly used in meditation, energy work and connecting to your higher self or the other side. 

It’s used as a protective stone when connecting to the other side or doing deep energy work to protect against unwanted energies. 

The deep purple color of amethyst represents the Third Eye Chakra which is an energy center in the middle of your forehead. This chakra affects your intuition, psychic ability and your higher self. 

Amethyst is good for meditation, because it helps you calm the chatter in your mind, connects you to your intuition which can help guide you on your path. 

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