Libra Crystal Bracelets

September 23 – October 22

This is our collection of crystal bracelets that are best for your Libra energy. Read below to find out how crystals can benefit you. These also make the perfect, thoughtful gift for your Libra best friends.

Libra Crystal Bracelets 

September 23 – October 22

Our collection of Libra Crystal Bracelets are perfect for wearing alone or stacking with your favorites. Each is meant to benefit Libra energy.

Libras can charm anyone. They are beautiful, lovable and tend be hopeless romantics. They are very social and love to hang with friends and work with people. They love harmony and dislike anything that’s unfair.

Crystals For Libras

Lapis Lazuli

Will help you articulate and communicate your point of view. Wear during a presentation or when leading a meeting. 


Good for when you’re going through a transition, life change or need a change. It will give you courage and banish insecurities.


Will bring you good luck and help you get that dream job, find a partner, gain success in your business and anything else you want to manifest. 


When your life gets stressful, wear for its calming energy. It will help you relax.


When you’re feeling emotional, it will soothe you and reduce stress.


A very calming stone will help with anxiety, sleep and an overactive mind.

Rose Quartz

Brings deep inner healing, opens the heart, comforts grief and will teach you to love yourself.

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