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Fall Crystal Bracelets 🎃

Six crystals to wear for Fall and the changing of the seasons. These will give you good luck, protect you from negative vibes, and give you energy.

  • Labradorite is good for change and is magical. It will bring light as the days get darker. 
  • Black Tourmaline puts a protective shield around your body keeping negativity out. 
  • Blue apatite to activate your magic and spiritual abilities.
  • Amethyst is great for psychic protection and connecting to your third eye and intuition.
  • Tigers Eye protects from other people’s bad energy and will give you courage to face your fears. 
  • Moonstone will bring you good luck. 

Which Wrist Do You Wear?

For protection wear your bracelets on your right wrist. This puts energy outward, creating a protective shield around you. 

For direct crystal benefits, like stress relief, intuition, etc. wear them on your left wrist.