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Elephant Bracelets 🐘

Elephants hold a special place in our hearts. They can help guide us and give us strength. In many cultures they symbolize power, strength, wisdom, luck, intelligence and determination. 

All of our elephant bracelets are made with high quality, authentic crystals and gemstones. Each elephant charm will bring you good luck and the crystal that they’re paired with will bring extra positive energy.

Black onyx can offer protection and grounding, while moss agate and tiger’s eye will bring you good luck.

Rose quartz can help you feel relaxed and paired with green aventurine will make you lucky in love. 

Wear a 7 chakra elephant bracelet to bring balance and energy to your day.

Elephants are a symbol in many cultures of good luck and prosperity. Wearing an elephant bracelet will invite these positive energies into your life.

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