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Chakra Bracelets 

Our collection of chakra bracelets are perfect for wearing alone or stacking with your favorite crystal bracelets. Each is meant to bring joy, inspire and energize you.

A chakra bracelet may offer protection from other people’s bad vibes, reduce stress and lift your mood. 

How to choose a Chakra Bracelet

Basically you can choose by looking up crystal benefits or choosing with your intuition. 

If you’d like to manifest something in your life, like a career opportunity, love, etc, choose crystals that can help with that. You can do a quick search to see a list of crystals that can help in getting you what you want.

We also put the meaning of each crystal and its benefits in the description to make it easier to choose (and include a card with each bracelet purchased).

One of my favorite ways to choose a chakra bracelet is using my intuition. If I feel drawn to one, it might be just what I need and it usually is, when I look up its meaning. 

All of our chakra bracelets are made with high quality, authentic crystals and gemstones. We ship from the U.S. so you can get it fast. Message us if you would like recommendations or have any questions. 

Chakra bracelet meaning

Each crystal on a 7 chakra bracelet is connected to a chakra in your body. We have 7 chakras or energy meridians that run through the center of our bodies from the base of our spine to the top of our head. Each one has its own meaning.